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Confessions Start 9:00 am Before Mass

Sunday Mass 10:00 am


The Power of Mary's Prayer

"The Blessed Virgin is called powerful, and even all-powerful, Because She, more than any other, more than all the angels and saints, has this great prevailing gift of prayer. No-one has access to the Almighty in the same way as His Mother. Her Son will never refuse anything She asks of Him, and this is the source of Her power. So long as Mary defends the Church, no power on earth or of the evil spirits, or great Monarchs or human strengths, or popular violence will be able to harm her; for human life short but Mary reigns in heaven, eternally Queen.."

                                                                                                                                                             Cardinal John Henry Newman

 Celebrants at Our Lady Of Fatima Chapel

Shrine of Fatima & St. Cajetan

Call  352-556-2869

For questions & appointments

CMRI Parish 

Congregation Mary Immaculate Queen:

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Rev.Fr. Carlos Zepeda  (Left)               Rev. Fr. Casa Silva   )Middle)                   Rev. Fr. Matias Chimenton (Right)

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